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JigPoly is committed to being the recognized foremost for Science, technology and management institution. Through this commitment coupled with aligning strategically with the Polytechnics mission to promote technological advancement by proving conducive environment for teaching and learning for the innovative development of products that are entrepreneurship and technologically oriented, self-reliant and relevant to society. The institution is focussed in setting the pace in multidisciplinary research with state and national recognition in diverse areas. The institution has excelled in the spheres of technology and management with excelled academic standards and strives to solve global problems using science and technology for societal transformation. 

The Institution offers several academic programmes in Higher National Diploma (HND), National Diploma (ND), Nigerian Certificate of Technical Education (NCE TECH), Ordinary Diploma (OD) and Certificate in various programmes. Our graduates are highly recognized by leading employers and academic institutions and are recognized for their sound academic and moral qualities.

Our students are prepared for entrepreneurship and leadership careers in science, technology and management. We are at our best on the mandate of teaching, research and community service, we strive to overcome our own challenges with due consideration to those of others. This website has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of other institution, students, guests and other stakeholders. I believe you will find it useful and rich enough to satisfy your curiosity. It is my ardent hope that it will further enhance cooperation with our partners and to ensure that our institution integrate well with the rest of the wider world.

On behalf of the Governing Council, Management, Staff and Students, we wishes to express our gratefulness to His Excellency the Executive Governor of Jigawa State who is always given us a total support to make the Institutions great and achieve our dream. Also special thanks goes to our stakeholders who in one way or the other help the institutions to move forward especially the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (Tetfund) for their immense contribution toward the development of our Institutions in terms of Infrastructure and staff Training.


Our Objectives

Social Objectives

The Social Objectives shall cover the areas of social responsibility. Thus, the Polytechnic shall strive to make an impact on both its immediate and external environments.
The Polytechnic shall serve as an agent for imparting the best moral values and the positive traditional norms of society and shall strive to propagate the ideals in State rebirth.
The Polytechnic should strive to promote sporting activities with a view to producing healthy and active graduates. It is expected that sporting links with other Tertiary Educational Institutions should be forged so as to foster the spirit of oneness and science of belonging in the graduates in the larger society. In summary, the social objectives of the Polytechnic are:

What makes us different?

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Courses offered with 5 world languages and 120 electives.
Countries represented by over 2500 Students.
International Students with 8% under Cultural Council.
Teaching faculty with 80 men and 100 women.
Students receive financial aid and selected via entrance test.
Students teacher ratio, for proper attention on child.